Vor Ort treffen, ins Gespräch kommen? Hier habt ihr die Chance!

Tattoo Conventions, klar, bin ich immer dabei, dieses Jahr hier:

Internationale Tattoo Convention Frankfurt 2017
21.04.2017 – 23.04.2017

Delavega in Offenburg 2017
17.06.2017 – 18.06.2017

6. internationale Tattoo Convention in Friedrichshafen/Bodensee
07.07.2017 – 09.07.2017

Tattoo Convention Reutlingen
01.09.2017 – 03.09.2017

Delavega in Lörrach
23.09.2017 – 24.09.2017

Kommt vorbei, stay in contact, schaut euch an, was so passiert.

Grüße Tomasi



Amazing style with black color and grey shadows, something what is old for centuries… Please try to describe this style of tattooing, like his historical sings, what are the most memorable and the most impressionable things which are like a synonym of Samoa… It’s a unique style the Samoan tattoo to describe it’s very difficult cause many information are coming together from stories legends and Mythology of the old times. The Family The community, the heart of the Samoan people I think it`s the most impressionable.